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A Trailer is an un-powered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle. It is usually used for transportation of goods and materials. Trailers are of various types based on the requirement. You might have baset trailer, bicycle trailer, car dolly and epusher trailer. On the other hand, there is Semi-trailer, Utility trailer, travel trailer, pop-up camper, fifth wheel, toy hauler, car hauler and boat trailer. For carrying motorcycles, you might take the help of a motorcycle trailer that can carry up to two touring motorcycles. Motorcycle carrying trailers are available in various forms: open or enclosed and wide or narrow for just a single bike. Tracks are present in these types of trailers to keep the wheels from sliding side to side. Apart from it, you will also get tie down points to keep the bikes from tipping.
Some trailers are designed for personal use while others are made for small business use. However, a number of trailers, termed as semi-trailer, form the part of bulky trucks meant for carrying of cargo. Some like the specialized trailers and an open-air motorcycle trailers might well be placed in this category. Conversely, you will find bicycle trailers smaller than other available ones. Few of them are extremely simple trailers which are dragged by means of a drawbar. Utility trailers and travel trailers might be found in single and multiple axle varieties. Custom-built trailers are there to carry specialized equipments required by carnival vendors. Apart from all these trailers, you will also get trailers for hauling boats.
Pop up campers or trailers are lightweight and aerodynamic and designed to be towed by means of a small car and generally they are used in lessening drag force and are shorter than the tow vehicle. On the other side of the spectrum, fifth wheel campers, and travel trailers are found which tend to be very large and loaded with all the amenities of home. These trailers, exclusive of a front axle, are such a design in which its mass is held up either by a truck, SUV or small semi. It is usually equipped with legs that might be lowered to shore it up when it is uncoupled. In the United States, there are restrictions regarding the length of such trailers which limits their size and weight.
You will also come across some of the different styles of to haul cattle, horses or other livestock. The stock trailer, most common among the lot, is a trailer that is encircled on the bottom side and contains openings in the region of the eye for exposure to air. The horse trailer, a further sophisticated type of stock trailer, is meant for the comfort and protection of the animals. Both types of trailers vary in size from small units to larger ones. Such trailers are so strong that they can haul a considerable number of animals.

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