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Sheep's Crossing
We made a run to sheep's crossing this weekend.
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Posted: 9:54:19 PM 10/17/2007
I found myself wanting to go on an adventure this weekend, so we headed out to Sheep's Crossing. It is out of the way place on the Verde River in Central Arizona. There are several ways to reach Sheep's Crossing. The most common is to head east from Bloody Basin Road and I-17. The round trip is about 75 miles all off road. The trails are in good condition but do require some ground clearance to avoid damage from sharp rocks. The trip can be made in 2 wheel drive with an experienced driver. Word to the wise BE PREPARED there is no facilities and no cell phone signal.

Once you arrive it is really an amazing site in the middle of the desert. The river is surrounded with very plush vegetation and yes the sheep bridge. The current bridge was built to replace the old one that had become unusable. You can see some remains of the old bridge. The Old bridge was constructed so that ranchers could cross the river to relocate their sheep in the spring and fall. Prior to the bridge ranchers could expect to loose several sheep each time they crossed the swift moving river.

The bridge is no longer used for sheep but it stands as a reminder of a simpler time.

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