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Driving in the Dunes
Glamis Sand Dunes
Rocky Point Mexico
The great american Dune Buggy is also also know as the Sand Rail or Sand Car. Find information on Dune Buggies in our Dune Buggy forum. Buy and sell Dune Buggies in our Dune Buggies for Sale section. Get books for Dune Buggies in our Dune Buggy Books. Fix that Dune Buggy with parts from our Dune Buggy Parts section.

Dune Buggy A Dune buggy, a standby vehicle with massive wheels and wide tires, is designed to be used on sand dunes or beaches. It will give you an impression of a customized vehicle with a tailor-made engine fixed on an open chassis. Dune Buggies are also known as air buggies, and because of an open edge chassis are also dubbed sandrails. In terms of design, these are typically formed by two or three diverse ways. The first of these kinds engages modification of an existing vehicle. Beetle, or Bug (From the side of Volkswagen) is among them and Beetle was desired a lot. The rear mounted engine, lack of a radiator and the low price were some leading attributes which made it a hit among the buggy lovers.
The second method of designing a dune buggy takes account of a vehicle frame welded collectively. The fabricator might alter some elementary parts of the vehicle which is a very crucial aspect of this method of designing. Buggies produced by this way, are also termed as sandrails for the reason of the rail frame.
A temporary fix is the last way of creating it, and dune buggies fashioned by this particular way correspond to mixes of the above two design ideas. The Boston-Murphy style is the name assigned to these types of buggies. This design uses the concept of both the existing ones and strives to form an improved version.
At the start, dune buggies were intended for finding the way in desert or beaches and due to this reason, the word dune got linked with them from the very inception. Nonetheless, they have transformed themselves in a more diversified vehicle in terms of the terrain they can handle. Presently, they are being built for more standard off- road tasks including indoor track racing. Interestingly, some of them are now even built for specific purposes and are being put into use as on-road vehicles. Volkswagen is the leading name in churning out these types of vehicles and could easily be hailed as the first to introduce this concept to the world. It did it way back in 1961 with a style and launched various versions to take a lead in the market.
According to the uses, dune buggies might be segmented in different ways. Military buggies are a very popular type and due to their ability to run on any terrain, they are used by the military. The US military make use of the Desert Patrol Vehicles which are created by a San Diego based company. Tube Framed Buggies are now taking over the collective conscience of the masses and they have been designed to permit utmost frivolous use.
Specialized buggies having power plants with large v8 engines are equally well liked. With a tube frame and fiberglass body it is the most famous non racing buggy. This style buggy is commonly called a sand car. Other fiberglass Dune Buggies, like the toad, wonderbug and speed buggy, are available in several shapes and sizes.

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