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A boat is a watercraft intended to drift and glide over water. According to the need of the people, boats could be of varying types. If we go deep inside its types, we will be amazed by the presence of innumerable types. Dredge, Felucca, Ferry, Hovercraft and Jet Ski are only few of them.
Airboats, fundamentally a flat-bottomed ferry, is often pushed in a frontward way by an aircraft type propeller and controlled by an aircraft or an automotive engine. In this particular type of boat, you will find engine and propeller together in a shielding metal cage. In this boat, the propeller generates a backward force of air that drives the airboat frontward. A Hovercraft, frequently referred as ACV, is an amphibious means of transportation. It is a popular boat with some unique characteristics. As a result of a cushion of leisurely driving air, it makes its way upfront with a jet-like alacrity.
A banana boat, purely a frivolous boat, is planned to be dragged by means of a larger boat. In this type of unique boat, riders often sit with a leg on each side of a tube which is continued through two smaller tubes. Theses tubes are put there to provide equilibrium and footrest. Such made-up boats are meant to allow people to realize some of the adventure of moving rapidly in the water. Riding through this boat offers water riding in a much relaxed way in comparison to water-skiing or surfing.
A motorboat, among some of the popular boats, is a ferry that is boosted through an internal ignition engine lashing a jet or a propeller. On the other hand, a speedboat is a tiny motorboat planned to sail swiftly. This boat is mostly used in races. Apart from the racing events, it is also used for carting water skiers. Often, the military also uses it as an energetic armed assault ferry. Inflatable boats with a linked motor might perform as a soaring speed patrol boat.
A surfboat, an oar-driven boat, is intended to cross the threshold of the ocean. It completes its task from the beach in grave surf or harsh waves. Surfboats are frequently put in use for lifesaving or rescue purposes. These are put to the test when most measures to contact victims fail and is operated unswervingly from the beach. Surf boat rowing, as a leisure sport, is much admired in some parts of the globe and prominently in Australia and New Zealand. Along with these two nations, this particular sport is very much prevalent in South Africa too. Typically connected by means of surf life saving clubs, surf boat crews are skilled enough to save some human lives by their acrobatic acts.

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