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ATVs are small, powered buggies and tricycles which are intended for off-road exercise. However, these are also frequently termed as an automobile that travel on low pressure tires. With a seat for the operator, and handlebars for steering control, these are anticipated for use by a single operator. The superfluous wheels bestow more steadinesses at sluggish speeds. With its growing demand in the market, some major manufacturers of ATVs are striving hard to meet the ever rising demand. The list of manufacturers includes Arctic Cat, Bombardier Recreational Products, Honda, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and KTM.
Apart from all these, some other major companies are also taking interest in churning out ATVs. Polaris Industries, Suzuki, Hensim and Yamaha are few among them. These are the emerging leaders in this market. Classically operational three or four wheels ATVs are very much prevalent in the market. However, six-wheel models are there only for some specific purposes. In the ATV market, you can get the engine sizes varying from 49cc to 1000cc. In the case of two stroke ATVs, one could find sizes from 49cc to 700cc. The ATVs jargons are quiet intriguing in different countries: called ‘quads’ in the United States and Canada, and ‘forbys’ in Australia. In Israel, the same might be labeled as ‘Polarises’ to signify the name of the particular company.
Suzuki, a front runner in the improvement of 4-wheeled ATVs, trade marked its first ATV in the year 1982 with the brand name of Quad Runner LT125. This, being a leisure appliance for learners, became an instant hit of the time. Subsequently, buoyed by the success of its first venture, in 1985, it launched LT250R Quad Racer. This model was in construction during the early 1990’s and for the period of its run, it underwent at least three key engineering makeovers. Despite this intense revolution, Suzuki kept intact some of its core features. A stylish long-travel suspension by the length of a liquid-cooled two-stroke motor got its major breakthrough in early 1990’s. The company was determined to produce a machine absolutely intended for racing by extremely accomplished riders.
To join the similar foray, Honda woke up from its slumber and responded exactly one year later. It came up with FourTrax TRX250R, which was a wonderful machine and its configuration was so complex that it has not been simulated ever. Later Suzuki and Yamaha stepped up to the playing field. Then it was arrival time for Kawasaki who came up with its Tecate-4 250. Yamaha, in 1987, brought in an entirely diverse type of high-performance machines. This new model was named as Banshee 350 that had a twin-cylinder liquid-cooled two-stroke motor. After its launch, it turned out to be a well-admired machine by way of its exceptional power delivery.

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